Lou Hamilton is a creative coach aiming to inspire fearlessness 


COACHING Lou Hamilton is UK’s leading Creative Life Coach helping you Fear Less through her six session one-on-one coaching course.

BOOKS  When you need to feel a little braver, open Lou’s book of doodles ‘How to be Fearless’ to any page and see what message Brave New Girl has for you. Her subsequent book FEAR LESS is a self-help book, published by Orion Spring 2018

ART Lou makes abstract oil paintings that aim to inspire a sense of balance.

STREETWEAR Lou co-founded and designs for Brave New You Apparel who create clothes intended to inspire you to wear Fear Less & feel Fearless

FILM For the last 17 years Lou has been writing & directing award-winning documentaries and short dramas with stories of people who attempt to fear less against the toughest of odds.

Contact her for a FREE CONSULTATION. Here’s to a Brave New You



If you’d like to know more about Lou’s antics, hop along to her studio at CREATELAB or follow her daily doodles on Instagram brave_newgirl Twitter @createlab 

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